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Title:  The REAL "Storage Wars" - Bathroom Edition
Why Do You NEED A Bathroom Makeover?:  If you are looking for a sanctuary where can enjoy serenity and peace away from the daily grind, take care of business, and just take a basic shower, my bathroom is not for you. You will likely convulse upon entry wondering how anyone could function in the space, let alone a family of four including a disabled child. Somehow we make it work however as our sons needs change and he requires more bathroom assistance we find ourselves backed into a corner, literally. The current floor plan only allows one person and maybe one additional adult to assist while inside the bathroom. The bathroom is vintage and I do not mean that in a" hipster" kind of way. I mean that it is original to the home with only a few repairs and updates made within the past 50 years. Aesthetics aside, I really just need a bathroom where we can function and better help our son so that he can become more independent. The bathroom *is* ugly. The tile is ugly and in disrepair. The cabinet is missing a door. We have no storage, little ventilation, outdated and unsafe electrical outlets, flooring peeling up, and so much more. A new bathroom in our home would mean so much more than looks. It would mean functionality and a chance at having a better quality of life for our son who needs this more desperately than any one would realize. It would be nice to have a handicapped accessible bathroom that is sturdy and in which he could better ambulate. It would also be great for my family to finally have a nice bathroom that we can be proud of and also shower without fear of falling through a wall.
Public Name:  Chris Kaiser
City:  Roscoe
State:  IL
Vote Totals:  3195
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