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Teacher's Name:  Mr ries
Reason For Nomination:  Best teacher ever.
First Name:  renee
Public Name:  reneec
City:  janesville
State:  WI
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Teacher's Name:  Melissa Polzer
Reason For Nomination:  Two weeks after the beginning of the school year, our daughter, Kate, was one of those selected to move into a newly created kindergarten room. Knowing that Kate does not always respond well to change, we were somewhat fearful as the sudden change occurred. Will Kate be upset when faced with being removed from her current classroom, as well as her B.F.F.? Ms Polzer's presence and dedication have encouraged our daughter to grow more and help out in the classroom more than she had every done before.
First Name:  Jill
Public Name:  jjmccormic
City:  Madison
State:  WI
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Teacher's Name:  Melissa Wing
Reason For Nomination:  When I asked by 7 year old daughter why Miss Wing should be nominated for this award she said because she can be "silly" with the class and she is a really good teacher.
Miss Wing is not just and excellent teacher she keeps the kids and parents engaged. Miss Wing does this by sending home weekly emails about homework and updates in the classroom. It makes it easy for parents to "check facts" when the kiddos say "I don't have to read that book." She also maintains a blog about what the kids are doing which includes photos of projects, classroom activities and the kids themselves. I can't tell you how fun it is to look at the current posts along with ones from the beginning of the year.
My daughter comes home with a FISH (Find Important Stuff Here) binder each night, each child is given one by Miss Wing at the beginning of the year. It includes contact numbers for school, a class list, a folder for homework, larger plastic envelope for books, sight word lists and a number grid(math) to name a few. This folder is worth it's weight in gold!
Melissa is a kind, compassionate teacher who loves her job and it shows! I am so happy that she is my daughter's 1st grade teacher. Hats off to you Melissa, I hope you win because you deserve it!
First Name:  Robyn
Public Name:  Robyn29
City:  DeForest
State:  WI
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Teacher's Name:  Louise Fransee
Reason For Nomination:  She is not the teacher, but she is the aide in a special ed classroom. She works with my daughter Kailey who has CP, in a wheelchair, can't walk or verbalize. This woman is incredible with my daughter. She has a daughter of her own with Down Syndrome so her 'real life' experience enables her to figure out how to communicate with my daughter and assist her in doing things that might be difficult for others. We can't say enough about how much we love "Weezy" (as she is known by all) She even takes the time to drop things off at our house that are forgotten at school, or just be a friend to my daughter and go for a walk with her. I know she is not the 'teacher' but she has taught my daughter so much these last 2 years. Please give her this award.
First Name:  Noelle
Public Name:  noee72
City:  Sun Prairie
State:  WI
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Teacher's Name:  Mr. Reiser
Reason For Nomination:  He interacts very well with the students, my daughter went into the year hating science and now she looks forward to going everyday. I hear about her experience in science every night, its a refreshing change from last year when all she did was complain about science.
First Name:  Kelsey
Public Name:  kmrf
City:  Stoughton
State:  WI
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Teacher's Name:  Erica Grothaus
Reason For Nomination:  Mrs. Grothaus is a "special" teacher teaching special education. My 9 yr. old grandson Mykal has permanent head trauma and brain injury from a car accident. His teacher, "Mrs. G".,laughed at evaluators who told us Mykal would never be able to read or do math problems on his own. She proved them wrong time and time again...before Mykal aged out of her care last spring, Mrs. G. had him both reading and doing math! He is now even doing lists of spelling words on a weekly basis. And even though he is no longer under her direct care, she keeps tabs on Mykal and is in contact with his dad about any issues that might develop or what progress Mykal is making. All this because Mrs. G loved and cared for Mykal (and does for all her special kids) enough to break through his damaged barriers. Anyone who has had the opportunity to get to know her and watch her with "her" kids will know that the children of Yahara Elementary School have been blessed with her presence!! Grs. Rocks!!
First Name:  Lin
Public Name:  Smileytoo
City:  Morrisonville
State:  WI
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Teacher's Name:  Jenny Meacham
Reason For Nomination:  Mrs Meacham is very invested in her kids- year round! My son received a letter from her before school started and one each month after the school year was over! Mrs Meacham truly loves to connect with her students and their parents. We need more teachers like her!
First Name:  Amanda
Public Name:  Manders21
City:  Reedsburg
State:  WI
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